90 min intensives are a great place to start when coming out of the closet as an extrovert!
 In these sessions, we uncover your fears/limiting beliefs & why you've been identifying as an introvert. We discover what parts of you you've been hiding from not just others but YOURSELF. We clarify who you are at your core & how you can start showing up as her!

90 min intensives are just the tip of the iceberg!

Investment: $333

This is for you if:

You're not quite ready to make a high level investment but you know you want some support because you're not sure where to start when it comes to coming out of the closet.

You are over hiding & you want to feel safe coming out of your shell to show up as your truest self.

You are ready to face your fears & know the only way to overcome them is to work through them, not against them.

You want to show up fully confident in expressing the parts of yourself you've kept hidden for so long.

You are ready to put yourself out there as your truest self in order to make friends that will last a lifetime & love you fully for who you are.

You want to fully embrace your feelings without giving them meaning & therefore giving them power.

You want to feel empowered showing up as the true extrovert you are.


"Speaking with Micaela really opened my eyes to my own limiting beliefs that I wasn't even aware I had."

-Ryan B.

Where do I sign??!

"I just had a fantastic call with Micaela! We discussed my limiting beliefs and mindset struggles and dove deeper into how these negative thoughts are holding me back. 
I gained so much knowledge and clarity around mindset and the importance of self-care.
After the call, Micaela sent reflection questions that helped me continue working on my mindset and adjusting my limiting beliefs.
I am excited to continue changing how I feel about some things and stop allowing my negative thinking to hold me back. The tools Micaela shared with me will really help me as I continue on this journey towards an empowered mindset."

-Rita D.

"This is amazing. You really have helped me so much and I greatly appreciate it and I also realize why I am struggling with so much in my life and you're helping me to put in a category and push forward."

"You have given me so much life again!! Thank you"

-Mary N.